Friday, July 20, 2007

Taking the Conference Experience Home

I am so glad to be here, live at the 50th Anniversary Conference! Watching mothers and babies carries me back to Conferences when my little Becci or Jon were with me...wonderful, sometimes challenging, memories!

Could I ask a favor? Writers are needed to help bring the Conference home through Leaven. I would love to hear your conference experiences, and possibly summaries of the sessions you attend. Perhaps a speaker will inspire further exploration of a topic--exploration which will easily develop to a piece to share with other Leaders.

What from the Conference would you like to see in Leaven?

--Carole Wrede

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Meg Sondey said...

Carol -- Would like to here much, much more about what is going on with the web presence, how our the "numbers" going (are we increasing membership, number of Leaders, etc.), where are we with our financial situation and so forth. I'm guessing this was all discussed at points, but in checking blogs and the website, I'm not finding many reports on that yet -- probably because everyone is so busy!!