Saturday, July 21, 2007

James McKenna's Co-sleeping Session

I just finished an awesome session on "Breastfeeding and Safe Mother-Infant Co-sleeping" with Dr. James McKenna. He was a great speaker and his session was very informative.

He gave a list of "What Every Health Professional Should Know about Co-Sleeping." I will summarize it here:
1. Co-sleeping is normative/biological behavior
2. Sleeping recommendations need to make sense to the people for whom they were intended.
3. Where infants sleep is often unplanned.
4. Infants often encounter more than one sleep environment.
5. Co-sleeping is biologically interdependant with breastfeeding.
6. The context of co-sleeping is critical.
7. The issue of co-sleeping is the not the same issue as that of prone sleep. (prone sleep is not a natural occurance.)
8. Parents should be the final arbitrators of where their baby sleeps-not the health professional.
9. Where baby sleeps is a social issue-not a medical issue.
10. No one-size fits all approach to infant sleep will work.
11. Co-sleeping is not illegal, abusive, neglectful, or immoral.

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