Friday, July 20, 2007

I Finally Made It!

Well, I am finally here--my first time at an LLLI Conference! It took a bit longer than expected because my first flight was delayed so I missed my connection. Once in the air the flights were mostly fine; although I did pray 8 Rosaries during the 3.5 hours of flight time--have I mentioned I don't enjoy flying?

I had a lovely chat with the driver who brought me to the hotel. His wife breastfed all their children. He was very interested in and supportive of what we do in LLL. However, the best part of our conversation was when he told me that I had the least amount of luggage of all the women he had so far transported from the airport to the conference. I can't wait to tell my husband--he was giving me such a hard time about all I was packing. He simply didn't understand why I needed to take 40 squares of material (for the quilt square swap), face paint, or a wizard hat (both for the Harry Potter gathering). I didn't mention I already had a quilt packed. And even my friends laughed when I mentioned I brought my own hangers.

I also have Scruffy, one of my oldest son's Web kinz pets. "He wants to see Chicago, Mommy. Don't forget to take his picture in Chicago" When my second son heard Scruffy was going he decided that Oreo (one of his Web kinz) wanted to go also. I told him "OK, put himn in my bag. On the way back to his bed, I heard him talking to himself, "one week, that's a long time" pause "Mommy, Oreo changed his mind. He wants to stay with me." "That's fine sweetie, you go get him out of my bag."

So here I am at the LLLI Conference with just one bag.

For the past couple of days, I have been attending departmental sessions. They have been great. Division support has been so helpful. I have learned new things and will be going back home with some great new ideas to help me better serve the Area. It has been so fun to finally put faces to the names of members of my department from other Areas. I have exchanged emails with so many of them but meeting face-to-face will make future communications more personal and more fun.

Eastern PA, USA

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