Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heard some LLLove last night

A group of friends from the LLL mother-to-mother support boards went out for dinner on Saturday night. We ended up at a chain Italian restaurant at least 2 miles from the hotel -- not at all in the neighborhood of the conference.

When I ordered my meal, the cashier (observing the babies in slings and recognizing my LLL logo pin) asked, "Are you all with La Leche League?"

I answered "Yes!" and she responded, "You all SAVED MY LIFE with my first baby. I wanted to breastfeed so bad, but ... you know ... my mother, and the hospital, and the formula ... I never could have done it without La Leche League."

We chatted for another minute, and she shared with me that she had gone on to breastfeed all four of her children. This was an African-American woman, perhaps around the age of forty, who now works in the service industry in an urban center. I was immensely grateful that she took the time to share her story with us; it was the high point of a weekend that was already a fantastic experience.

--Rebecca (LLL of NC)

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