Sunday, July 22, 2007

Half way there

On Thursday afternoon, I had no idea how I was going to make here on time. I was sure I was going to miss my flight. Luckily, things came together somehow and I even managed a decent amount of sleep. My mom met us at the gate at Midway and we've been wrangling my two kids since.

Yesterday I was able to go to Jim McKenna's session on sleep which was amazing. There are so many layers and factors to co-sleeping and I was inspired to spread the gospel about safe co-sleeping.

For lunch, I heard Nils Bergman talk about mother/baby contact and how the environment determines the behavior in the infant. Quite interesting stuff.

I met back up with my mom and thought I would have my 2 year old, but when she heard the words "aquarium" and "animals" she was ready to go. So, I had some nice time with my five year old while she got her face painted and we went to the demo on chocolate truffle making. I managed about 10 minutes in a session with her, but she had had enough.

We had a nice evening together and ordered Thai food in. What decadence. The five year old was asleep by 9; alas, the two year old was not. I decided that it was going to take her forever and I wanted to go downstairs for the World Faire, so I put her in the crib and left. Apparently she cried for 10 minutes until my mom had a chat with her, but then she did stop crying and fell asleep standing up! I, on the other hand, had a wonderful time meeting leaders from around the US and even some from foreign countries. I climbed into bed around 11:30 and fell asleep in minutes.

This morning I tried to go to Ruth Lawrence's session on breastfeeding management, but I had my 2 year old and I was getting nothing out of it, so I went to the session on Hirkani's daughters. I was really struck by how important role models are. We are essential as we go out with our babies and show the world that breastfeeeding is normal.

Then I went to the session on feeding solids and it was interesting. People had interesting comments about allergies, iron (and vit supplements in general) and cultural things. One woman was shocked to learn that there were alternatives to spoon feeding! Someone else (Susan from WABA, I think) was commenting on the commercialization of all-things-baby and how influenced we are by these ads. And the presenter was saying that Nils Bergman (I believe), said that if junk food was normal and natural, there wouldn't need to be ads for it! Good point.

Time's up.

Joni Seidenstein from Vienna VA

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