Sunday, July 1, 2007

Good Eats

Good Eats …..

My family is really into food. We spend a lot of time talking about food, preparing it and best of all eating.

For his eighth birthday my son requested clams made by the chef down the street. If we have a carving for good Chinese food we’ll take the hour long trip to Boston. Got a craving for cornbread, just give me twenty-five minutes and it will be satisfied.

The fact that my family loves food strikes the non-LLL families we know as surprising. To a non-LLL person we seem very finicky. My kids won’t eat some of the snacks that are offered at school. We rarely eat fast food (mention going to McDonald’s and my kids pretend to dry heave.) Non-LLL people see this and think we must eat only nuts and berries.

LLL families know better so I’m sure that no one is surprised to know that I’m already thinking about what I’m going to eat in Chicago.

The last time I was in Chicago, which was ten years ago, I was helping a friend move. I still remember an awesome meal I had there in their Little Italy section in a restaurant that looked like they just moved tables into someone’s house right after they moved out. It was glazed in balsamic vinegar and so tender it fell of the bone.

So I have leads on a few good places to eat ……I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.


Comida buena…

A mi familia le gusta comer. Pasamos mucho tiempo hablando sobre la comida, preparando comida y comiendo.

Para su cumpleaños mi hijo pidío almejas preparadas por la vecina que es cocinera. Cuando queremos comer comida china buena hacemos el viaje a Boston, más de una hora. Si quieres pan de maiz, tel lo hago en viente-cinco minutos.

El hecho que nos gusta tanto la comida sorprende las familias que no son de la Liga de Leche. A una persona que no tiene afiliación con La Leche nuestra familia es demasiado exigente con la comida. Mis hijos no comen algunos de los bocadillos que sirven en la escuela. Casi nunca comemos la comida rapida. (A mencionar, “McDonald’s” mis hijos se hacen los enfermos.) La gente que no es de La Leche cree que solamente comemos nueces y bayas.

Las familias de La Leche saben comer bien y no se sorprenden cuando les digo que ya estoy pensando en lo que ya voy a comer en Chicago.

La última vez que viajé a Chicago, hace diez años, comí una comida sabrosa en la seccíon de “Little Italy.” El restaurante parecía una casa común. Pedí un pollo con vinagre balsámico. Era tan tierno que no se necesitaba cuchillo.

Yo ya tengo unas ideas en que restaurantes voy a visitar...Te digo donde voy a comer—si me dices donde vas a comer.


Amy said...

Hi! I read your blog. I will be at the Conference, too. Maybe I will see you there! I love food, too. I live in Illinois, about 3 hours from the conference. You would think I would have good info on where to eat in Chicago, but I don't. Where are you thinking of going? I will be at the GSPS by myself for a couple of days, then my family will come on Friday. If you are looking for a friend to share a meal with at the conference, I would love too, either before or after my family comes on Friday.


Amy Bennett

Diana M. said...

Hi Amy, Thanks for reading my posts. A friend has told me about a Costa Rican place that I should try. I've never had Costa Rican food before so for that reason alone I'm planning to try it. I'm coming in on Friday and I planned to explore that day. Check out the menu and let me know if you want to try it.