Thursday, July 19, 2007

Elaine's Elations

I wrote this last night before I went to bed:

Hi! This is Elaine Shirron, a La Leche League Leader from Acton, MA. My husband, daughter and dog left Massachusetts with us on Sunday morning. We drove to Mars, PA and spent the night at my BIL’s house. The next morning, Rachel and I continued west toward Chicago, leaving Stephen and Fireball to visit for the week.

The drive out was fine. Light to medium traffic the whole way, good speed, no unnecessary stops. We arrived in Streamwood, IL at the home of one of my LLL Leader friends, Amy. It was only an 8 hour drive, so we had plenty of time to visit, eat dinner, visit some more, hang out and play games, (did I mention visit???), and sleep.

On Tuesday morning, Amy drove us to the Hilton Towers Hotel in Chicago. We were fortunate to have her daughter along with us! Amy dropped us off with all of our luggage. One of the cool things about having friends nearby is that I left my car parked at her house so I didn’t have to incur the parking charges. That was very nice, especially for my pocketbook! Melanie (her eldest daughter) was meeting up with her grandmother at the Hilton (who is a retired LLL Leader and works for LLLI), but her grandmother was busy in a session with the Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program so … I kept Melanie!

Rachel, Melanie and I all went out to a wonderful little Thai restaurant not even 2 blocks away called the Thai Spoon. Fantastic food!

Around 4:00 PM on Tuesday we wandered down to the registration area. Since my DD had to be there to work at 5, we thought we’d check to see if they needed any help. Melanie and I ended up stuffing conference tote bags with the booklets and evaluation forms. It was fun – not only did we help out, but I got to see friends as they showed up to register!!

I did a bunch of gophering (you know -- go for this, go for that) for various people and I found the Spanish versions of the booklet which seemed to have disappeared right under the noses of the conference staff. (They were in a box on the counter the entire time, but everyone thought everyone else had already looked inside!)

I've had some wonderful lunches -- inexpensive and tasty -- at a Thai restaurant not even 2 full blocks from the hotel called the Thai Spoon (on Wabash Ave.) I've been able to do about 1 1/2 hours of water aerobics exercises, too. The pool is wonderful -- warm (the way I like it), not crowded, not too overly chlorinated and very clean. There was even a little hot tub with lots of jets to stretch and relax in after swimming. Very nice.

The majority of my time has been spent matching people with rooms -- so many mishaps and misunderstandings! I've tried to help people stop worrying by keeping a list whenever anyone posted about having an extra room or what was needed. So far, so good! Yippee!

I'm going down to the reservation desk right now (12:30 AM) to help someone in transit extend their stay by one day. As they reviewed their paperwork, they noticed that they were checking out on the 23rd, not the 24th. --oops

Good night to all.

I'll try to keep in touch up until Friday night. After that -- all bets are off!

LLLove, Elaine

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normaR said...

Hi Elaine :)
I am madly jealous of you all at the LLLI Cf, especially since this is the 50th Anniversary, but my dd Abby is about to pop with her first baby and there is no way I am missing THAT!
Have a wonderful time!