Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dear LLLC-Mississauga Group

Dear LLLC-Mississauga Group,

Wish me luck! Valerie (from LLLC Brampton Group) and I are off to Chicago July 20—24th, 2007 for La Leche League’s 20th International Conference and 50th Anniversary Celebrations. Valerie and I are both lucky recipients of the Ripplewood Scholarship which has generously sponsored the conference fees for 50 LLL Leaders worldwide, 10 of us from Canada.

We are ready with our Canadian flag pins to give away and our red and white T-shirts that all of the Canadian Leaders (approximately 40-50 of us ?) will wear in the International Parade of Countries (I feel like a Breastfeeding Olympian!). I’ve got my formal cheong sam already rolled up and my throw away heels in my carry-on for the Founder’s Gala Dinner and I look forward to meeting the women who started La Leche League from their own backyard or park picnic, so to speak, 50 years ago.

Passports, hitch-hiking to Buffalo for the cheap flights, weekend at Grandma and Pa’s for the kid’s and Dad, Laura Secord maple chocolates for trading with my international co-leaders, reservations in a world class hotel with 3 amazing room mates from Brampton, Fredericton- Atlantic Canada, and Colorado, USA. Clean hole-less underwear. I’m all set!

We look forward to sharing with all of you all the up to date information, tips, and enthusiasm we pick up from all the mothers from around the world that we meet at the conference. Hopefully we will be able to share some wonderful “Enrichment Meetings” with you next season. No doubt we will feel that we are very lucky here in Canada … but that we have lots of work yet to do!

I will be taking all of you with me in my heart, as I look proudly upon our homemade quilt squares decorating the stage, and as I meet all the wonderful LLL mothers at the conference, sharing all the tips that all of you have taught me over the years. I thank you all for making our “tribe” here in Mississauga, Canada "rock!" making ripples from our own backyards to the world!

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