Friday, July 20, 2007

Elaine's Elations

Friday, July 20, 2007
Art Institute of Chicago

It seems so strange for me to post about yesterday’s events, but I was just too tired to try to get Thursday’s events posted on Thursday, etc. I’m doing my best to get things posted for the day before, so stick with me!!

This morning (actually on Friday!) started with the hotel wake-up service. Rachel had it set for 6:15 AM since she had to be down at the registration booth bright and early. Since I had stayed up so late last night, I just slept on. (It’s so nice to have this luxury!)

My roommate, Colleen, has already gone to breakfast and I am getting ready for my day. Colleen and I will rendezvous to walk over to the Art Institute of Chicago on S. Michigan Avenue. We are two of the fortunate souls to be able to attend the private viewing of the Mother-Baby print art. Once, again, the Alumnae Association has been involved to set up an extraordinary experience for us. The art we are scheduled to see – at no cost, I might add – is in the archives and being pulled out solely for the La Leche League viewings (there is one at 10:30 AM and one at 11:00 AM). What a treat!

I truly do hope to help set up the Alumnae Room today! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

LLLove, Elaine

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Bobbie said...

Hello Elaine,

I am one of the people who bought one of those dinner cruise tickets you sold. I had a wonderful time with my friends. It is too hard to pick my favorite memory from the LLLI Conference (there were so many), but laughing with my fellow Team Members as we cruised around and got to know each other a little better is certainly in my top ten.
I really enjoyed meeting you, thank you for enabling one of my favorite conference memories.