Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Agreements Workshop

Many Leaders are excited about working via agreements in their Areas and with LLLI. There are also a good many questions about what an agreement might look like, how it's different from what we already do (That varies by Area!), IF it's different from what we already do (also varies by Area), where do we start, etc.

The good news from this workshop is that there will be a new CN discussion called "Agreements" that will have a library of helpful resources including possible templates for agreements.

Make some popcorn, put up your feet, and enjoy reading the library items. See which is the best fit for you, which needs some tweaking to make it work for you, which describes the way you'd like to move toward working, or which sparks some totally new ideas your Area would like to include in your own agreement. (All Area agreements need the final okay by the Executive Director, so you''ll also find in the library a list of the "bare bones" each agreement must contain.)

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