Wednesday, June 6, 2007

World Breastfeeding Celebration 2007

We had one of our World Breastfeeding Celebration Planning Meetings today (our LLLC WALK). LLLC Brampton Group and LLLC Mississauga Group have been working together with Peel Public Health for the last few years to make a bigger event (in a major mall this year), more awareness (where is that media?), and a working relationship with each other. One of the attractions at this event is the Quintessence record breaking "Latch-On". Alas, last year, my youngest (4 year old) spotted the cheese doodles, the 50th LLLI Anniversary Cake, in chocolate, and wanted nothing to do with latching on cue, luckily too for the sensitivities of the newbie mothers. DS is a slight boy compared to his nursing sister at that same age (who somewhat gave me the nursing EBGB's being just short of the size of a small adult) ... he on the other hand has this cowboy swagger like he's pulling up to the bar when he asks for his "ni-ni".

My two co-leaders from Brampton Group, Valerie (also a scholarship recipient) and Cheryl will be attending the conference and sharing a room with me. We were accredited around the same time and our three children each are all close in age. Between family, work, and volunteer work, we have all not had many moments to spare to catch up on conference e-mails or communicate with each other about the conference ... just these rush e-mail notes or whispers stolen to each other at monthly WBW planning meetings between needy bobbing heads, "The scholarship deadline is tomorrow!", "The airfare just jumped $20. overnight!", "I've booked us into the hotel with the two bathrooms!", "Have you picked your sessions?", "You've got to sign up for the Harry Potter!", "I've got my Canadian Flag pins and my Laura Secord Canadian maple leaf chocolates", "Fill this card out for customs for your camera", "Don't forget your red & white for the parade"... barely a moment to respond ... I say, we'll have an hour on the airplane to catch up!

I'm not sure how I can fulfill my scholarship requirements to share my experience with others (I can barely figure out how to make a living, or carve out my new "after children attend full day school" career). Valerie is a passionate global thinker and takes wonderful photographs. Cheryl is a calm, thoughtful, sensitive person who has a remarkably organized home and work life. I wonder how I can translate these chaotic mumbled thoughts up in my head that merely amuse myself no end into something useful ... take a picture, sing a song, tell a joke, write a story ... ? Such an introvert that I am, but it's true that from behind the scenes, I think that I like to make a good party. I guess that's why I'm on the World Breastfeeding Celebration Planning team.

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