Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My nearly five year old son, Ethan, proudly went to Jr. Kindergarten today with Big Panda and Little Panda in his hot pink 60's paisley Heart to Heart sling... tandem.

My heart leapt.

With joy, initially...say if he were going off to a NiNi Meeting or a LLL Conference.

Then dread ... as I imagined the flack he might get from people who have never seen:

a) babies worn in a sling all morning long
b) a human daddy caring for his twin panda bears
c) one panda who loves dinosaurs and another who loves trucks riding in the same sling.
d) pink paisley from the 60's

I quickly gave him the junior low-down on the benefits of the baby carrying, and the who-does-it world wide, as ammunition against any baby-wearing doubters that might cross his path today. He nodded his head in agreement, satisfied that he was taking the best and easiest care of his babes.

My neighbor's nanny from Nepal agreed all her babies were carried that way and on the back too!

My heart leapt with joy again at the bus stop when Ethan's Sr. Kindergarten buddy, Ryan, came up lovingly to ask about his bears and administer the tenderest of hugs and kisses to them. None of the other grade 1-5 children at the bus stop did anything more than glance over at the proud Panda Dad who was hoping to convince his teacher to change his "Show and Tell" day to today.

That last little face peering out of the bus window waving good-bye happily ... sigh ...

Yes ... back to the lists ... the TO DO lists ... less than 5 weeks to go for my LLLI conference!

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