Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cafe Con Leche

My co-leader Valerie and I love this concept, especially the name. Cafe con Leche. Coffee with Milk. Valerie speaks Spanish, I speak French. It has a good bite to it. The name sounds like it could be a worldly and cosy cousin to La Leche League. Part of this millennium's phenomenon.

Times have changed.

Even Bake Sales I've heard, can no longer sell home baked goods - only store bought goods. Not sure how people make money or enjoy community treasures that way, but apparently it is to maintain standards of quality, cleanliness, and maybe peanut free-ness. Having worked in both the food service industry and the food processing industry, and personally not being able to keep up even close to "Fly Lady" standards in my kitchen, I still beg to differ about store bought being better than home-made.

At my Ikenobo Ikebana (Japanese Fresh Flower Arranging) Sensei's 1st Arrangement of the Season Annual Potluck, my lady friends bring the best takeout in Mississauga. There is no time, no will, no know-how to whip something up homemade, and the takeout is remarkable and cheap. I appreciate sharing these "secret" finds of the best of the best takeout in town, sometimes we just don't have time to roll a hundred sashimi, which my son Sam could gobble down in five minutes, and to tell you the truth, my Godzilla sushi's just don't go over all that well. I am out of practice, after all, we are ladies busy enjoying our flowers.

Even at La Leche League gatherings in the city, rarer are the days of the homemade potluck dishes of old family recipes or new homemade experiments.

One of the reasons my co-leaders and myself appreciate conferences and leader days is the shot of adrenaline that you get from the ether that glows throughout LLL events. It helps boost our moral after years of dribbling memberships, enrichment and series meetings, the emergence of poorly copy cat breastfeeding buddies and clinics, etc. and wondering at the back of our minds if LLL is obsolete ... or rather, the way LLL reaches out to people is obsolete. The conference get togethers helps us to glean fresh ideas, and maintain the old ideas that are the key to what LLL is and what has held firm and true after all these years.

Not all things modern are better, as we well know, and it takes time for science to catch up to mother nature, but sometimes you have to step out of the box to find where your potential tribe is hanging out.

And I don't even drink coffee!

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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Diana M. said...

I like that concept too.
One of our local groups was meeting at a "breast friendly" coffee shop. Milk with that coffee?

Store bought goods at a bake sale-Why do people bother?