Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Welcome to the Group Blog!

Hi to everyone reading this blog!

You may be asking: What on earth is a "shared group blog"?

Well, we Technology Room workers thought it would be fun to have a communal, informal blog. That way, anyone attending the Conference will be able to drop by the Tech Room to make a quick entry telling their Conference stories and reflections - that interesting Conference session, encounters with old friends and new, greetings to family at home, or whatever comes to mind. You get the idea. :)

In exchange for posting in our shared blog, we will allow drop-in bloggers to use an allotted time period on a Tech Room computer to check email, post to their personal blog, and the like. (I am not sure if we have decided yet how much time will be allotted to each blogger.)

We had a great response to our announcements requesting Conference bloggers. Some are already blogging in their individual LLLI Conference blogs, which are linked to this page - or will be, when I finish typing up the links. :)

We are inviting others who expressed an interest in blogging about the Conference to start blogging here, since we had too many potential bloggers to make individual blogs for each of them. If you will be attending the Conference and would like to join in the blogging fun, send an email to us:

If you will be reading from home and enjoying our Virtual Conference, please leave comments for us and all the bloggers. Bloggers love to know that you are reading. :)

Finally, it is my personal feeling that we need a better name for this blog than "Shared Group Blog." If you have a good suggestion for a name for this blog, please leave us a comment, telling us your idea.

Hope to read lots of blog posts and comments from all of you!

~Judie, on behalf of the 2007 LLLI Conference Technology Room Team

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